Youth Basketball

Registration is closed.  PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR UPDATES

11/29/22 UPDATE
Almost all the teams have coaches.  If your team still needs a coach, we will contact you directly via email.  Practices will start for the elementary leagues in the next few weeks.

We are in the process of handing out uniforms.  Please CLICK HERE FOR THE UNIFORM SCHEDULE.

Pick ups are at VLPRA's main office located at 1901 North Barack Obama Blvd and at our Senior Center located at 
1360 East Park Avenue.

If you cannot pick up your child's uniform during the scheduled time, you can come to the gym behind our main office December 5th through December 9th anytime between 11 AM and 7 PM to pick up. 

11/11/22 UPDATE

We are creating leagues and combining teams as necessary.  As it stands, we will have the following leagues:
K/1st Grade Girls
2nd/3rd Grade Girls
4th/5th Grade Girls
6-8th Grade Girls

K/1st Grade Boys
2nd Grade Boys
3rd Grade Boys
4th Grade Boys
5th Grade Boys
6th Grade Boys
7th-8th Grade Boys
9th Grade Boys
10th-12th Grade Boys

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to coach! We have filled many of the teams but are still looking for some coaches. We are working to get them in place. We will be updating this page with a list of teams that need coaches. If you want to coach, please click here to fill out this form and be very specific with your child's name, grade, school.

Some of the teams have too many kids for one team and will have to split.  Those teams will have an evaluation and draft.  EVERY CHILD WILL BE ON A TEAM.  If your child's team has a draft, you will bring your child to the assigned draft time and location.  He or she will need to wear gym clothes and sneakers/basketball shoes.  He/she will do a few drills and then go home.  Coaches then select teams.  If your child cannot attend the evaluation, he/she will be auto drafted by computer.

We are setting up draft dates.  

The following teams will have evaluations on Tuesday, November 15th at VLPRA's gym located at 1901 North Barack Obama Blvd:

  • Westside 2nd Grade Boys @ 5:15 PM
  • Westside K/1st Grade Boys @ 6:00 PM
  • Westside 3rd Grade Boys at 6:30 PM
  • Westside 4th Grade Boys @ 7:00 PM
  • Westside 5th Grade Boys @ 7:45 PM

The following teams will have evaluations on Thursday, November 17th at VLPRA's gym located at 1901 North Barack Obama Blvd:

  • Scintilla 3rd Grade Boys @ 6:00 PM
  • Westside 2nd/3rd Grade Girls @ 6:30 PM
  • Westside 4th/5th Grade Girls at 7:00 PM

***This is NOT A COMPLETE LIST.  We may have more evaluations for other teams.  We will post updates as we have them.***

Please keep checking this page.  We will start practices for each league once coaches are in place for that league.  For instance, when 3rd grade boys has all coaches in place, then all the 3rd grade boys can begin practice.

We are working hard to get coaches in place by 12/1 if not sooner.  Please be patient, 900 kids is a big task!


Play for your grade and your school in our school-based youth basketball league!  We hope to have a boys team and a girls team for every grade at every school in Valdosta & Lowndes County.  Open to Kindergartners through 12th graders.  Look for your child's grade and then your child's school.  You must register for your child's current grade and current school.  Children in private schools or charter schools may register for their school.  If the private or charter school team does not make, those children must play for their school district.  This means private or charter school children who live outside Lowndes County can only play if their team makes.  Children who are homeschooled must play for the school they are districted to attend.

We practice and play games in VLPRA gyms and select school gyms.  You typically play 2-3 games per week.

VLPRA provides uniforms.  We are moving to a new uniform system- some leagues will check out uniforms and return them at the end of the season.  Any athlete who gets the returnable uniform will receive a t-shirt to keep.



Separate leagues for boys and girls
Open to Kindergarten through 12th grade
VLPRA may combine grades/schools as necessary to create leagues
Registration Deadline: October 20th

Image of boy playing basketball.
Image of girls playing basketball.